International Advisory Offerings

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Someone To Talk To As You Prepare For Quality Care Improvements

Accreditation Canada's health advisors help you choose the right path to implement your quality improvement initiatives given your unique local health care conditions, whether or not you’re on an Accreditation Journey yet.

Accreditation Canada advisors give you the information you need to:

Get Additional Support as You Prepare for Your Accreditation Survey

Are you involved in preparing your organization for an Accreditation Canada accreditation survey? Work with Accreditation Canada expert Advisors to accelerate your quality improvement process and optimize the outcome for your accreditation. Accreditation Canada Advisors will help you unleash the potential of accreditation as a powerful change mechanism and develop your policies and procedures in alignment with international requirements for quality and safety.

Contact us if you require additional support.

Access Tools to Manage Your Quality Initiatives on Your Own

If you’re looking to guide, control and coordinate quality in your organization in a consistent way and increase the engagement and buy-in of your staff, look no further. Through various methodologies, Accreditation Canada Advisors can help you enable a culture of continuous quality improvement in various dimensions, such as efficiency, effectiveness, quality work life, population focus, continuity of care, client-centered care, etc.

Contact us if you require more information about accessing tools.

Learn and Implement Measures to Improve Your Patient Safety

Accreditation Canada Advisors help health care organizations strengthen their overall approach to patient safety and risk management and create a culture of safety with patient at its center. Accreditation Canada works with your team to apply proven tools and strategies to reduce risks to patient safety, minimize the incidence and impact, and maximize recovery from adverse events.

Contact us if you require more information about measures to improve your patient safety.

Take Action to Prevent and Control Infections

Infection prevention and control is integral to safe and effective health care practice. Accreditation Canada works with a wide range of partners and experts in this area, who can provide guidance to your organization on any of the following areas:

  • Preventing and reducing health care-associated infections
  • Building and strengthening infection prevention and control (IPAC) program
  • Ensuring that proper IPAC policies and procedures are in place
  • Designing, implementing and evaluating effective IPAC surveillance systems
  • Reducing risk of transmissions with proper cleaning, disinfection and sterilization
  • Develop your leadership to enhance your organizational development.

Contact us if you require more information about infection prevention and control.

Develop Your Leadership to Enhance Your Organizational Development

Today’s health care organizations must make strategic choices, build alliances and partnership, and focus not just on delivering quality care but on doing so in the most efficient and effective way possible. Accreditation Canada works with organizational development experts to provide you with guidance in these areas, including:

  • Exploring how can you use accreditation as a tool for transformational change
  • Applying a strategic planning framework to support quality services in your organization
  • Developing and implementing your organizational ethical decision-making framework
  • Enhancing engagement in your organization through engagement
  • Developing leadership skills of your staff and physicians
  • Creating a powerful vision for long term sustainable growth

Contact us if you require more information about enhancing your organizational development.