Client- and family-centred care

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What is client- and family-centred care?

Client- and family-centred care (CFCC) is an approach that fosters respectful, compassionate, culturally appropriate, and competent care that responds to the needs, values, beliefs, and preferences of clients and their family members. In CFCC, the word client also means patients and residents.

Instead of health care providers doing something to or for the client—where the provider’s perspective is dominant—CFCC means doing something with the client—so the health care provider and the client have a true partnership.

Ways health providers involve clients and families in CFCC

  • Engage clients and families to ensure their understanding and meaningful participation in their care 
  • Respect client choice so they can be as involved in their care as they wish
  • Monitor and evaluate services and quality with input from clients and families
  • Co-design services with health care providers and clients
  • Include client and family representatives on advisory and planning groups
  • Include clients and families as part of a collaborative care team
  • Partner with clients in planning, assessing, and delivering their care

CFCC is an integral component of the Qmentum accreditation program and Accreditation Canada is supporting health care providers to implement client- and family-centred care in their organizations.