Advisory Services

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Advisory Services’ expert advisors will work with your organization on quality improvement initiatives related directly or indirectly to accreditation. They provide hands-on support—in person, virtually, or in a blended manner—to review, recommend, or guide the implementation of quality improvement initiatives in the areas of capacity building, pre-survey evaluation, post-survey support, and strategic guidance.

Capacity building
Are you new to accreditation or short on resources to implement quality improvement? Our customized coaching and support will help your staff and leadership team build capacity to begin integrating quality improvement into your daily operations.

Capacity building can include:

  • Pre-accreditation readiness assessment
  • Document preparation
  • Staff training 

Pre-survey evaluation
Getting ready for your next on-site survey? Building on your organization’s self-assessment results, Advisory Services will help you evaluate, plan, and prioritize what needs to be done—both organization-wide and in specific service-areas.

Pre-survey support can include:

Post-survey support
Looking to strengthen and sustain your quality improvement program? Following your on-site survey, and any time before your next on-site survey, we can provide tailored support to help you address and prioritize recommendations from your Accreditation Report.

Post-survey support can help you address and work on:

  • Quality improvement frameworks
  • Action planning
  • Policies and procedures
  • Measurement for Improvement
  • Required Organizational Practices (ROPs) and high-priority criteria
  • Sustainability

Strategic guidance
Do you require support that’s not related to the accreditation program? We offer fully customized advisory services providing strategic insight and pragmatic solutions for operational or provincial quality improvement initiatives.

Strategic guidance can include:

  • Organizational assessment
  • Change management
  • Care planning
  • Program review
  • Evaluation of training material
  • Operational quality review

Advisory Services team
Our Advisory Services team includes expert advisors, project managers, and facilitators. Expert advisors are senior health care and social services leaders who have:

  • In-depth knowledge of Qmentum and other Accreditation Canada programs
  • Extensive experience with surveys, ROPs, standards, and tracer methodology
  • A thorough understanding of the Canadian health care system
  • Coaching and advisory skills
  • Clinical and non-clinical leadership experience in a broad range of health care settings


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Advisory Services are customized to your needs, and complement existing support from Accreditation Canada’s Client Services team and Learning Centre.