About us

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All Canadians have the right to safe, high-quality health services.

This is what Accreditation Canada is all about. Through our standards and accreditation programs, we work with health care organizations to help them improve quality, safety, and efficiency so they can offer you the best possible care and service. 

We are an independent, not-for-profit organization that has been improving health quality through accreditation since 1958. We accredit more than 1,200 organizations representing 5,700 sites and services across Canada. These are the organizations you count on to provide safe, quality health care—hospitals, walk-in clinics and labs, emergency medical services, long-term care homes, home care services, mental health services, and community health programs, among others. We also accredit provincial health authorities and health systems. 

Our vision
Quality health services for all.

Our mission
Driving quality through innovative approaches to accreditation.

Our values
Within a collaborative environment committed to quality, client service and professional growth, our values are excellence, respect, integrity, and innovation.


Accreditation Canada is a member of ISQua, the International Society for Quality in Health Care.

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